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This week in the Entrepreneurs Newsletter

As business owners and entrepreneurs we're always working on some aspect of our business.

This week you'll find articles that help shine a light on ways to gain a better feel for and relationship with your existing customers.

You'll find guides and checklists that can help you DIY'ers get set up for your projects. Along with articles on keeping track of your clients and how to nurture the partnerships.

Operate with strategy and purpose to get the results that you need for your business.

For those that like to skim for relevant articles of interest. Here is a list of what you can expect to see.

  • TikTok Adds New Live-Stream Moderation Tools as it Eyes the Next Stage of Live-Stream Shopping
  • 10 Paid Search & PPC Planning Best Practices
  • Everything You Need to Know About Data Management
  • How to Build a Website: 2 Methods, 9 Easy Steps, & 35 Amazing Tips
  • Facebook iOS 14 Update Aftermath: 4 Issues & What To Do About Them
  • The 20 Best Email Newsletter Tools for Engaging Subscribers in 2021
  • Popeyes calls a truce to chicken sandwich wars with a nugget launch campaign
  • Free SEO Templates, Checklists & Guides to Kickoff & Improve SEO Work
  • The Basic Elements Of Search Engine Optimization

Featured in this week's "Questions Business Owners Are Asking".

Should I niche down for a product launch or cast a wider net?

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