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This week in the Entrepreneurs Newsletter

As business owners and entrepreneurs we're always working on some aspect of our business.

This week I'm taking a closer look at what factors go into planning brand strategies for marketing campaigns.

The holidays are quickly approaching and with the hit that so many businesses have taken the last year plus. It is an opportunity to get back on track and make up for lost revenue.

Making planning and marketing strategies for Q3 & Q4 crucial for business owners and marketers. The winners will have a well throughout strategy in place that leaves room for the last-minute additions. Those that struggle will be winging it.

Operate with strategy and purpose to get the results that you need for your business.

For those that like to skim for relevant articles of interest. Here is a list of what you can expect to see.

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  • 19 Tried-and-True Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples [+ Step-by-Step]
  • The Best & Worst Words to Use in Your Website Call to Action Buttons
  • How to Calculate Market Share and Find New Growth Avenues
  • The Real Story on MarTech: 10 steps to making better vendor selection choices
  • Instagram wants to be TikTok, which wants to be YouTube, which wants to be TV
  • Your Cheat Sheet to Google's 200 (Known) Ranking Factors
  • Long-Tail SEO Strategy: Why & How to Target High-Intent Keywords
  • Search Engine Land’s Guide to Bing SEO
  • WordPress 5.8 Released With Nearly 300 New Features & Fixes

Featured in this week's "Questions Business Owners Are Asking".

How to prepare for a marketing campaign to promote a business

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