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Let's take a look at how to drive more traffic to your website

Have you created a website and now find that you're not getting the traffic or sales that you expected to get?

Do you still have people reaching out through other channels pulling you away from other projects to manually process orders? Instead of going to your website.

These are questions and conversations that online business owners are having when discussing their website.

So this week let's take a look at how to drive more traffic to your website and increase engagement on the platforms where you promote your business. You can find answers to these questions and more in this week's issue of The Entrepreneurs Newsletter.

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Questions Business Owner Are Asking

Why am I not seeing the likes and follows transfer into website visitors & sales?

If you're struggling with generating traffic and sales on your website but are doing the work of posting and promoting your website. You are not alone. There are a lot of businesses that are spending good money on their marketing budget but not seeing that return on investment that they hoped.

This is something that I discuss with my clients and address in their marketing strategy. One of the first things I look at is where they're promoting their website and how.

A common thread that I find is people are promoting their products and or services. But they aren't actually promoting their website. They have posts without a call to action sending people to the website.

The goal is to not just promote the business but the ease of use of the website. Provide the link for easy access. Give people an incentive and a reason to visit. The customer journey and experience start before they get to your website.

Are you taking that into consideration when creating your post? Be sure to post with purpose. Not just for yourself but for your customers. Just going through the motions won't get you growth.

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