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This week in the Entrepreneurs Newsletter

This week we take a look at pricing and converting sales. As I continue to gather feedback from readers to answer the questions that you have for your businesses.

  • How to show value in your product/services so people don't question pricing.
  • 5 types of prospects and how to sell to them
  • The ultimate guide to sales forecasting
  • The 50 best startup tools for 2021
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Questions Business Owner Are Asking

How can I show the value in my product/services so people don't question my pricing?

What steps can I take to alleviate concerns about my price points?

The value is in the service. By that, I mean as a business owner you're taking something that is an issue and not something they can easily correct and providing a solution. There's value in that. When you put the focus on the solution that you're solving. The cost seems less relevant because they're focusing on the issue and not the price.

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